How to use left and right y-axis together

  1. Assign different “yAxsID” in datasets.

2. Refer values inside options.

In order to check multiple graphs’ y-axis values together through tooltip by

interaction: {
intersect: false,
mode: 'index',

How to overwrite tooltip to get the sum of y-axis values


To prioritize mobile,

/* CSS code for mobile display */@media screen and (min-width: 769px) {
/* CSS code for desktop display */

To prioritize desktop,

/* CSS code for desktop display */@media screen and (max-width: 768px) {
/* CSS code for mobile display */


Monday of last week

dayjs().startOf('isoWeek').subtract(7, 'day')

Sunday of last week


Monday of two weeks prior

dayjs().startOf('isoWeek').subtract(14, 'day');

First day of last month

dayjs().subtract(1, 'month').startOf('month');dayjs(
new Date(today.getFullYear(), today.getMonth() - 1, 1).toString()

Last day of last month

dayjs().subtract(1, 'month').endOf('month');dayjs(
new Date(today.getFullYear(), today.getMonth(), 0).toString()

First day of two months prior

dayjs().subtract(2, 'month').startOf('month');dayjs(
new Date(today.getFullYear(), today.getMonth() - 2, 1).toString()


구글 로그인 등 strapi가 제공하는 로그인을 할 경우, 링크보고 따라하면 됨.

Kakao Oauth 들어가서 어플리케이션 생성

  1. 요약 정보 ⇒ 앱 키 ⇒ REST API 키
  2. 카카오 로그인 ⇒ 보안 ⇒ Client Secret

⇒ 이 두 키를 발급 받아 localhost:1337의 provider 부분에 나중에 넣어줘야 됨!

Redirect url은 http://localhost:1337/connect/kakao/callback 로 등록


MySQL 5.6

To create database with specific character-set and collate,

create database [table name] default character set utf8mb4 collate utf8mb4_unicode_ci;


character-set= utf8mb4;


UNIQUE INDEX 생성을 하려고 할 때,
-> ON users(email);
ERROR 1071 (42000): Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes

TIL 2021.07.02


A headless CMS(Content Management System) for Nodejs to build and develop APIs, and its content super-fast and accessible in a friendly UI.

After I try Strapi for my company’s project, this will be the best when you need to get dynamic data and easy to build Database.

GraphQL & Next.js

  • HOC
Quick Startnpx create-next-app next-with-apollo


startSession: create Sessionsession.startTransaction // start transaction
session.commitTransaction // commit and save changes
session.endSession // end transaction
Even though you are using several models, session can be applied to everything once it is declared. Therefore, it will fail if one of the processes fail.

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