TIL 2020.11.12

Where to add script in html

  • Once browser meets <script>tag, it stops interpreting html tag and operates JavaScript file first
  1. Add in <head>
  • If I put console.log in JavaScript file by using querySelector, I receive null
  • JavaScript file needs to bring info from html first in order to operate, but browser runs console log first before browser finishes reading html tags

2. Add in <body> right before it closes its tag

  • console.log gives what I am looking for so always put it this way!

Form Validation

  • necessary step when we cooperate
  • shows all different status


  • allows you to set variable that you will use often so that you can save time to type continuously

display: none / display: block

  • allows you to set up css that will show up on certain time

Step 2. Create Function for form validation

  • return as Boolean since this function is only for valid/invalid

reference: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/19605150/regex-for-password-must-contain-at-least-eight-characters-at-least-one-number-a

Check phone number

Check identification number

Check visa or master card

reference: https://www.w3resource.com/javascript/form/credit-card-validation.php

  • use querySelector to call element form html and connect with eventhandler


  • fires when the user presses a keyboard key
  • onkeydown (버튼이 내려갈 때)-> onkeypress(눌렸을 때)-> onkeyup(땠을 때)


  • fires when the user releases a key that was previously pressed


  • should fire when the user presses a key on the keyboard. However, in practice browsers do not fire for certain keys, such as command keys.


  • fire when the user commits a value change to a form control
  • maybe good for password form validation…?


  • raised when the user clicks on an element


  • fires when the user depresses the mouse button


  • fires when the user releases the mouse button

Step 4. Create function for visual feedback

  • after form validation, you need to provide proper feedback to users


  • executes a provided function once for each array element.
  • returns undefined because action happens while it iterates
  • 함수 리턴 값은 하나의 값이지만, 순회를 돌면 절대 하나의 값이 나오지 않음. 나온다면 Map이랑 동일함. forEach를 사용하므로, 원하는 기능을 각각의 배열에 적용시킴. 리턴값은 undefined이므로, 만약 forEach로 return값을 구하려고 하면 실행 안됨!!!!!!!!


  • with this method, it creates event object
  • when you want to do something once clicked
  • when you want to use several functions with one button




Consistency achieves everything https://github.com/paigekim29

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Joo Hee Paige Kim

Joo Hee Paige Kim

Consistency achieves everything https://github.com/paigekim29

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